Arena: Amy Winehouse - The Day She Came to Dingle


First shown a year after her death, this Arena film shines a light on a unique moment in the life of Amy Winehouse. On a December night in 2006 she flew to south-west Ireland to perform for the acclaimed Irish TV music series Other Voices.

The performance is a great distillation of the extent of her talent: she shifts effortlessly between happy, fragile, tough and sad. As a bonus there’s an interview in which she enthuses about her influences and gives a glimpse into her troubled personality.


The story of the singer-songwriter's acoustic performance on Irish TV show Other Voices, filmed at St James's Church in the remote south-western town of Dingle in 2006. Featuring interviews with some of the people she met on that day, including taxi driver Paddy Kennedy, her bass player Dale Davis and the Rev Mairt Hanley of the Other Voices church.
Documentary Arts