Thelma's Gypsy Girls

Thelma's Gypsy Girls

Series 1 - Episode 3



“If I could turn the clock back now, I wouldn’t do it again,” confesses wedding-dressmaker Thelma Madine as she realises what her own staff knew right at the beginning of this admirable but risky project – getting young traveller girls to commit, concentrate and learn a skill is nigh on impossible.

Thelma has also realised she needs to get a tutor to help the young trainees with basic literacy and numeracy before they can even attempt to follow a dress pattern.

Two months into the six-month training course and the feud between Bridget and Margaret continues to rumble on, while Thelma’s own staff – and even Thelma – find themselves at breaking point. How long before it all comes apart at the seams?


The pressure of getting her 10 trainee dress-makers up to speed takes its toll on Thelma Madine, forcing her to take time off work. However, her absence leads to chaos in the factory as staff take their frustrations out on one another - before a lie that could destroy the scheme is exposed. Thelma also realises how poorly educated some of the youngsters are, and hires a tutor to help them with basic literacy and numeracy.