What I Know

Series 2 - Episode 13 What I Know



The second series of this unnecessary remake started 13 weeks ago. At times, thanks to the lethargy of the plot, it has felt like decades. Perhaps you don’t even care any more who killed young Rosie Larsen, but at last tonight the killer is unmasked (unlike at the end of the first series of The Killing, much to the fury of viewers).

The final instalment starts with a flashback to the weekend of Rosie’s disappearance as her parents and younger brothers set off on a camping trip, leaving her at home. As ever, the action shuttles between the murder inquiry, domestic upheaval and the Mayoral election as detective Linden finds the final piece of the jigsaw.


The net finally closes in on the murderer as Holder and Linden piece together what happened on the night Rosie Larsen died. Back at City Hall, Richmond faces tough decisions about his personal and political future, while the Larsens try to make a fresh start. American version of the Danish crime drama, starring Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell and Joel Kinnaman. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Linden Mireille Enos
Darren Richmond Billy Campbell
Stephen Holder Joel Kinnaman
Mitch Larsen Michelle Forbes
Stan Larsen Brent Sexton
Gwen Eaton Kristin Lehman
Jamie Wright Eric Ladin
Terry Marek Jamie Anne Allman
Lt Erik Carlson Mark Moses
Mayor Lesley Adams Tom Butler
Rosie Larsen Katie Findlay
Nicole Jackson Claudia Ferri
Tom Larsen Evan Bird
Denny Larsen Seth Isaac Johnson
Michael Ames Barclay Hope
Peter Spelman Bruce Ramsay
Ron Chris Nowland
Director Patty Jenkins
Writer Veena Sud
Writer Dan Nowak
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