24 Hours in A&E

Series 2 - Episode 11



Could a five-year-old who’s suffered agonising burns hear anything more reassuring than “Daddy’s here”? You’ll need a heart of stone not to be affected as Damian, whose hands were badly burnt putting out the flames, sweetly and lovingly talks to his daughter Daisy while the medics work on her.

Then, in a poignant demonstration of how the parent/child roles eventually reverse, Dane brings in his 74-year-old dad, Maurice, who’s tripped over in the snow. Maurice is hard of hearing, so conversations with him are unintentionally hilarious, but what’s clear is that Dane is just as caring and protective towards his dad as Damian is towards his young child.


Five-year-old Daisy is rushed in with severe burns after her skirt got caught in a gas fire. As paediatric sister Jen tries to ease the girl's distress, her father Damien also has treatment, having put out the flames with his bare hands. Seventy-four-year-old Maurice is brought in after hurting his hand in a fall, but his short-term memory is failing him, while 61-year-old Ginger is surprised to learn she may have to stay overnight after being scratched by her pet cat.