Two Birds

Series 1 - Episode 12 Two Birds



We’ve waited until the penultimate episode but finally the writers have brought the conspiracy subplot crashing into the foreground. Having discovered the truth about the fatal car accident, Michael Britten has turned into an unshaven, blank-eyed man of rock who goes all Jack Bauer in his pursuit of the killer. Not that his therapist is impressed, ripping his theory to shreds as false-memory syndrome. It’s a thrilling hour but you still wonder how the schism between Britten’s two realities will be resolved.


In the first episode of the drama's two-part conclusion, Britten's revelation drives him to search for the truth about the car crash that tore his family apart - and he refuses to let anyone get in the way of his quest. However, his behaviour becomes increasingly secretive as the number of people he can trust rapidly dwindles, and his obsession places him in mortal danger.