I Love Special Olympics

I Love Special Olympics


The Special Olympics, which offer events for athletes with learning difficulties, will be all but unknown to the millions tuning in for this summer’s games. But as this documentary shows, they’re no less important. The programme follows four British competitors as they prepare for the 2009 games in Leicester. It’s more of a documentary about living with learning difficulties than the Special Olympics themselves, but it’s still a timely reminder of the spirit that all too often is buried under an avalanche of flashbulbs and corporate sponsorship when it comes to the main event.


Documentary retracing the efforts of four participants in the 2009 Special Olympics, held in Leicester, where people with learning difficulties competed. The film follows a dancer with Down's syndrome, a judo fighter with autism, a bowler who has brain damage and a basketball player with Asperger's as they overcome adversity to showcase their talent on a world stage.