Series 2 - Episode 3 Compass



Tom is abducted by Pope and reluctantly agrees to join the breakaway group the Berserkers, while Jimmy is hurt during a hunt for skitters and Anne does her best to patch him up. Later, a plane carrying a resistance member from South Carolina lands on the runway. Sci-fi drama, starring Noah Wyle.

Cast & Crew

Tom Mason Noah Wyle
Anne Glass Moon Bloodgood
Hal Mason Drew Roy
Matt Mason Maxim Knight
Ben Mason Connor Jessup
Lourdes Seychelle Gabriel
Karen Nadler Jessy Schram
John Pope Colin Cunningham
Capt Weaver Will Patton
Dai Peter Shinkoda
Anthony Mpho Koaho
Margaret Sarah Carter
Director Michael Katleman
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer Robert Rodat
Executive Producer Justin Falvey
Executive Producer Darryl Frank
Executive Producer Greg Beeman
Executive Producer Graham Yost
Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon
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