Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Ageing

Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Ageing

Series 49



When Horizon endorsed an anti-wrinkle cream a few years ago, youth-hungry shoppers snapped up a whole year’s worth in a fortnight. Sadly, no such elixirs are proposed here.

Instead, it’s a fascinating excursion through the archives of the BBC’s flagship science show, revisiting all the anti-ageing theories it has documented over the past 40 years. Some are plain wacky (the smug 80s couple who can’t see their kitchen table for the gigantic jars of mysterious white powder), while some belong in a horror movie (the sheep-sacrificing Swiss clinic). Aptly, the bright-eyed Johnny Ball presents.


Veteran presenter Johnny Ball looks back over the years that both he and TV series Horizon have been appearing on air to find out what scientists have learnt about how and why people grow old. He charts developments from macabre early claims of rejuvenation to the latest breakthroughs, and asks if the dream of immortality is any closer to coming true.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Johnny Ball
Executive Producer Sacha Baveystock
Producer Ben Wilson
Documentary Science