Episode 4464



Kat faces a dilemma when her lover leaves a key to a flat for their future get-togethers - she would rather be with Alfie, but he is ignoring her pleas for attention. So when they fall out yet again, she lets herself into the apartment, where her mystery man is waiting. An emergency with another baby sends Janine into a panic at the hospital, and she phones Michael begging to see him. However, he has just discovered she has changed the combination on the safe and is hurt by her mistrust. Shirley promises Billy she will make sure Lola stays out of trouble - only for the pair of them to get accidentally locked in the bedroom.

Cast & Crew

Kat Moon Jessie Wallace
Alfie Moon Shane Richie
Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Michael Moon Steve John Shepherd
Lola Pearce Danielle Harold
Shirley Carter Linda Henry
Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick
Director Ian White
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Writer Peter Mattessi
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