The Hotel Inspector

The Caspian

Series 9 - Episode 3 The Caspian



Mother and son Nousha and Samandar are lovable eccentrics. Nousha has an extensive collection of dolls and almost as many wigs; Samandar is expansive and lively. Neither of them is a born hotelier, which is probably why their hotel in Ealing Broadway, west London, hasn’t made a profit for a decade.

They seem to know their own failings, making Alex Polizzi’s job a simple case of pushing at an open (bedroom) door; a breezy makeover of the laughable deluxe suite and the revival of a miserable function room solve the physical problems without resistance. But it’s trickier to get Samandar, who seems to rise every morning with loo-brush hair and no appetite for arranging fruit, croissants and ham in appealing patterns, to tackle breakfast.

No wonder that when Alex first came to stay, his preferred option was to leave marmalade and butter in the in-room fridges and just let her forage, like a stylish, urban Ray Mears.


Alex Polizzi tackles the Caspian, a 10-bedroom hotel in Ealing, west London, that desperately needs to be brought up to date to attract more guests. Co-owner Nousha Samari has spent more than four decades in the hospitality business, but is frustrated by how unsuccessful her establishment has become - and the stress is beginning to show in her relationship with son and business partner Samandar.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alex Polizzi
Director Maria Knowles
Executive Producer Neil Edwards
Producer Maria Knowles
Series Producer Kent Upshon
Education Lifestyle