Say Hello to My Little Friend

Series 1 - Episode 11 Say Hello to My Little Friend



This series walks a fine line between fantasy — Detective Michael Britten living in two realities — and emotion, as he copes with his family’s grief. But today it’s on a razor’s edge. Britten is stuck in the reality where his wife is alive — never has a man looked so disappointed to wake up next to a beautiful woman — and also comes
to the crushing realisation that his son is dead. Jason Isaacs plays the role
of the grief-stricken father losing his mind perfectly.


Britten panics when, after an incident at a fairground, he cannot get back to Rex's reality. He searches frantically for a way to restore his double life, but is also plagued by visions of a man he does not recognise. As time goes on, he becomes convinced that figuring out who his hallucination is supposed to be might enable him to see Rex again - but his quest infuriates Vega, who is determined to finally get to the bottom of his partner's obsession with seemingly irrelevant details.

Cast & Crew

Michael Britten Jason Isaacs
Hannah Britten Laura Allen
Efrem Vega Wilmer Valderrama
Isaiah `Bird' Freeman Steve Harris
Rex Britten Dylan Minnette
Capt Tricia Harper Laura Innes
Emma Daniela Bobadilla
Dr John Lee BD Wong
Dr Judith Evans Cherry Jones
Ed Hawkins Kevin Weisman
Joaquin Carlos Lacamara
Roland Petrowski Evan Helmuth
Thompson Wayne Bastrup
Sarah Paul Sharon Omi
Cindy Casey Kramer
Harvey Marcus Choi
Tom Josh Novak
Director Laura Innes
Writer Kyle Killen
Writer Leonard Chang
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