Say Hello to My Little Friend

Series 1 - Episode 11 Say Hello to My Little Friend



This series walks a fine line between fantasy — Detective Michael Britten living in two realities — and emotion, as he copes with his family’s grief. But today it’s on a razor’s edge. Britten is stuck in the reality where his wife is alive — never has a man looked so disappointed to wake up next to a beautiful woman — and also comes
to the crushing realisation that his son is dead. Jason Isaacs plays the role
of the grief-stricken father losing his mind perfectly.


Britten panics when, after an incident at a fairground, he cannot get back to Rex's reality. He searches frantically for a way to restore his double life, but is also plagued by visions of a man he does not recognise. As time goes on, he becomes convinced that figuring out who his hallucination is supposed to be might enable him to see Rex again - but his quest infuriates Vega, who is determined to finally get to the bottom of his partner's obsession with seemingly irrelevant details.