Series 2 - Episode 11 Bulldog



Considering all the junk food routinely consumed by cops Holder and Linden, it’s a wonder they can still squeeze into the seats of their squad car. Yet here they are again, tucking into a takeaway while still managing to look whip-thin. Maybe they burn up all their energy chasing after the wrong people as the hunt for Rosie Larsen’s killer drags on. It looks like they’ve veered wildly off course again when, at last, they obtain a search warrant for that mysterious, scary casino on native American land, the one patrolled by the fearsome lady with the big ponytail...


Gwen helps Sarah and Holder acquire a federal warrant so they can get access to the casino. The detectives hope Nicole's efforts to destroy any evidence will have missed the key card under the floorboards, but they are unsure who they could trust with the evidence if they do find it. Meanwhile, Janek threatens Stan's family when he refuses to carry out one last job, and Richmond must choose between dropping out of the mayoral race or revealing where he was on the night of Rosie's murder.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Linden Mireille Enos
Darren Richmond Billy Campbell
Stephen Holder Joel Kinnaman
Mitch Larsen Michelle Forbes
Stan Larsen Brent Sexton
Gwen Eaton Kristin Lehman
Jamie Wright Eric Ladin
Terry Marek Jamie Anne Allman
Jack Linden Liam James
Mayor Lesley Adams Tom Butler
Lt Erik Carlson Mark Moses
Senator Eaton Alan Dale
Janek Kovarsky Don Thompson
Nicole Jackson Claudia Ferri
Alexi Giffords Tyler Johnston
Director Ed Bianchi
Writer Jeremy Doner
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