Networks of Power with Sir Christopher Meyer


Series 1 - Episode 1 Mumbai



Sky Atlantic continues its policy of parking tanks on other people’s lawns. Never mind classy US imports and top home-grown comedy, this is the sort of globetrotting factual series that BBC4 or BBC2 would once have touted.

Meyer, the former Ambassador to Washington, first heads to Mumbai to find out how the city’s movers and shakers prefer to move and shake. He meets a pharma billionaire who dresses like a race-course bookie and a Bollywood star keeps him waiting seven hours. But the best sequence goes behind the scenes of the city’s mega-rich diamond district, where every deal is based on trust because everyone hails from the same two villages.


The former diplomat explores the inner workings of six of the world's most powerful cities, meeting influential people and examining urban infrastructures. He begins in Mumbai, the most populous city in India, where he talks to the country's richest woman and one of the world's most popular film stars, as well as delving into the diamond trade.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Christopher Meyer