Guts: The Strange and Wonderful World of the Human Stomach

Guts: The Strange and Wonderful World of the Human Stomach
Thu 6 Jul 11pm - 12am BBC Four


The heroic Michael Mosley explores the inside story of the human digestive system - literally. He swallows a mini camera in a pill that takes photographs three times a second as it passes through his gut.

You may need a strong stomach to watch the churning globules of his steak-and-chips lunch making their way down his intestine, but Mosley is made of stern stuff as he endures an excruciating experiment to show how neurotics and extroverts react differently to gut pain.


TV presenter Michael Mosley takes part in an experiment at the Science Museum in London, where a small pill camera takes viewers on a journey through his digestive system. He visits a gastroenterologist, who explains the link between personality and pain response, and learns about the advent of faecal transplants increasingly used to treat people with serious stomach and bowel disorders.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Mosley
Executive Producer Helen Thomas
Producer Alicky Sussman