The Hotel Inspector

The Oakland

Series 9 - Episode 2 The Oakland



Before stylish hotelier Alex Polizzi has even checked into the family-run Oakland Hotel in Essex, its dour owner Geoff Dolbear has told the cameras he doesn’t want her input and that it was his family’s idea to invite her. He’s even nicknamed her “frosty knickers”, which is a little harsh, to say the least. The shabby hotel has a ghastly decor and seems to be an afterthought with the focus mainly on the cheap-’n’-cheerful, on-site nightclub. But the main problem lies with the Dolbears themselves. Considering how monosyllabic and lifeless the family appear to be, it’s remarkable the amount of squabbling, barking and buck-passing that goes on between them.


Alex Polizzi visits a struggling hotel and nightclub in Essex run by members of the Dolbear family, who spend more time arguing than looking after their customers' needs. She soon detects a battle of the sexes, with father and son Jeff and Andy shouting down mum and daughter Marilyn and Shelley when it comes to decision-making. The garish decor does not help - and to top it off, Jeff remains blind to the business's problems. Alex discovers the rest of the family called her in against his wishes, and he now says he will ignore all her advice.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alex Polizzi
Director Maria Knowles
Executive Producer Neil Edwards
Producer Maria Knowles
Series Producer Kent Upshon
Education Lifestyle