Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home

Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home

Series 1 - Episode 1



McCloud is a lucky fella. He’s bought a patch of Somerset woodland for a song and now he’s building a glorious shed that will become “a magnificent retreat… somewhere to escape the madness of the modern world”. Can living a simpler life make us happier, wonders McCloud. Well, probably, if you have a TV presenter’s wages to sustain a pared-down Utopia, eh Kev?

And it won’t be just any old shed; this will be built entirely from his own trees, with the help of his mates. It’s a very blokey, jokey project as the lads get busy with chainsaws and blow up tree trunks, while brewing their own hooch from bark chippings ready for the topping-out ceremony.


The Grand Designs presenter builds a cabin from scratch, aiming to create a retreat where he can escape the rat race. Joined by a team of friends and experts at the plot in rural Somerset, he plans to rely almost entirely on recycled materials, and begins by constructing the shell from two ancient oaks. He also tries to make biodiesel to fuel a lamp and experiments with a Wild West-style technique of splitting logs using gunpowder.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Executive Producer Tim Whitwell
Producer Patrick Furlong
Series Producer Ben Mitchell