The Last Hurrah

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Last Hurrah



Life on Dallas was so much simpler when one of the sole methods of communication was that big old phone at the foot of the Southfork staircase. These days there are so many incriminating emails, threatening mobile calls and accusatory texts to contend with, it’s hard to keep up. Thank goodness for JR, who still uses a shady private investigator (with the hilarious name of Bum) to do his dirty work.

Bobby is also rooting around in the filth, although in his case it involves
a calf with a ruptured uterus. Yes, Patrick Duffy goes all James Herriot in order to teach Christopher a valuable lesson about life’s emotional crises.


JR's plan to seize control of Southfork continues apace, as he seeks to cut John Ross out of the deal by undermining one of his allies. A blackmail threat leaves Rebecca facing a dilemma as Tommy prepares for his next move. Bobby tries to help Christopher make a difficult decision and Cliff Barnes devises a grand gesture to impress Sue Ellen.

Cast & Crew

JR Ewing Larry Hagman
Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy
Sue Ellen Ewing Linda Gray
John Ross Ewing Josh Henderson
Christopher Ewing Jesse Metcalfe
Elena Ramos Jordana Brewster
Rebecca Sutter Julie Gonzalo
Ann Ewing Brenda Strong
Tommy Sutter Callard Harris
Cliff Barnes Ken Kercheval
Marta Del Sol Leonor Varela
Carmen Ramos Marlene Forte
Lucy Ewing Charlene Tilton
Ray Krebbs Steve Kanaly
Mitch Lobell Richard Dillard
Rick Lobell Jason London
Miss Henderson Margaret Bowman
Director Marc Roskin
Writer Taylor Hamra
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