999: What's Your Emergency?

999: What's Your Emergency?

Series 1 - Episode 3



Mandy and Paul work together as an ambulance crew in Blackpool, and Paul is always trying to get Mandy to marry him. Given what the couple see in their work, her reluctance is understandable. This episode shows the miserable side of human relationships.

The operators answering 999 calls in Blackpool find themselves listening to the sound of angry disputes in the background as children ring to get help for their mums. But the service is also plagued by less serious calls, from people who want their disputes to be fixed; people apparently often fall out over what they’re watching on the telly. As policewoman Claire observes, it’s like dealing with a bunch of kids.


Blackpool's emergency service workers deal with problems caused by friction in relationships. The programme explores why an increasing number of 999 calls are related to petty disputes, but also reveals officers are increasingly having to deal with the consequences of domestic violence - a crime that has risen by 35 per cent in a single year. Among the cases featured are a man who has been stabbed with a broken bottle, and a pregnant woman who claims to have been assaulted by her partner but does not want to press charges. Meanwhile, paramedic Paul Atherton proposes to girlfriend Mandy Jenkinson, who is also his colleague.