The First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon


Sci-fi drama, adapted by Mark Gatiss from HG Wells' classic tale. It is July 1969, and as the world waits with bated breath for Apollo 11 astronauts to set foot on the moon, a boy meets 90-year-old Julius Bedford, who tells the story of how he and an ambitious scientist (played by Gatiss) joined forces to conquer the lunar surface 60 years previously. Also starring Rory Kinnear and Alex Riddell.

Cast & Crew

Bedford Rory Kinnear
Cavor Mark Gatiss
Jim Alex Riddell
Dad Peter Forbes
Mrs Fitt Julia Deakin
Chessocks Lee Ingleby
Mum Katherine Jakeways
Voice of Grand Lunar Philip Jackson
Voice of Phi-Oo Ian Hallard
Moon Reece Shearsmith
Sun Steve Pemberton
Adapted By Mark Gatiss
Director Damon Thomas
Producer Julie Clark
Writer HG Wells
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