Series 1 - Episode 6



Helene makes plans to flee Hunderby with her lover Dr Foggerty, but an eavesdropper overhears their scheming - and decides to put an end to it. Elsewhere in the house, Dorothy's sinister schemes continue as she welcomes an unusual visitor, who also gives Edmund hope that his search for an heir may not be in vain. Macabre comedy, starring Alexandra Roach.

Cast & Crew

Helene Alexandra Roach
Edmund Alex MacQueen
Dorothy Julia Davis
Mother Mathilde Rosalind Knight
Dr Foggerty Rufus Jones
Annie Rebekah Staton
Tom Ben Bishop
Geoff Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Brother Joseph Alexander Armstrong
Biddy Ritherfoot Jane Stanness
Hestor Rosie Cavaliero
John Whiffin Kevin Eldon
Old Ian James Greene
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