Antiques to the Rescue

The Haining

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Haining



Haining House in Selkirk in the Borders contains a treasure trove of antiques, paintings, sculptures and other items amassed by its former owner, solicitor Andrew Nimmo-Smith.

In a move that surprised his family and friends, Mr Nimmo-Smith, who died in 2009, bequeathed the house and grounds to the local community. But the mansion needs renovation work and is haemorrhaging money.

A trust run by his solicitor and a cousin calls in Antiques Roadshow expert John Foster to assess the value of the contents before a huge auction. But just before the sale goes ahead, there is a bolt from the blue that could put everyone’s plans in jeopardy.


Antiques Roadshow expert John Foster travels to the Haining, a country estate in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. The property's owners are struggling to raise enough money to maintain it, so John helps them by finding valuable heirlooms that can be auctioned off. Narrated by Samantha Bond.