The Thick of It

The Thick of It

Series 4 - Episode 3



Pure pleasure. Export-strength comedy joy. Tonight’s instalment reminds you why this show has spawned hit films and American TV shows and slightly tilted everyone’s view on the business of politics.

It’s another shambling day at DoSAC, except that because it’s a bank holiday senior minister Peter is away at the hated Stewart’s Thought Camp in Kent. (“Let’s architecturalise this,” burbles Stewart. “We’re policy jamming here.”) So Mannion has no mobile reception when disastrous news breaks. Back at the department, things get hilariously petty as friendless Phil tries to find out why the junior minister is meeting an attractive economist. A machine gun of brilliant lines rattles away through the script. Resistance is useless.


Peter reluctantly spends a very long weekend at a remote country house hotel with Stewart, who is holding a seminar on creative thinking as part of a bid to reinvigorate the party - with no phones, computers or ties allowed. Back at the office, Glenn continues to toil on the Fourth Sector project, as Fergus and Adam have a meeting with an attractive young economist who wants to start a bank. However, everyone's plans are thrown into disarray when a shocking story hits the headlines. Guest starring Sylvestra Le Touzel (Appropriate Adult).

Cast & Crew

Peter Mannion Roger Allam
Emma Messinger Olivia Poulet
Stewart Pearson Vincent Franklin
Phil Smith Will Smith
Glenn Cullen James Smith
Adam Kenyon Ben Willbond
Fergus Williams Geoffrey Streatfeild
Terri Coverley Joanna Scanlan
Mary Drake Sylvestra Le Touzel
Tara Strachan Emily Bevan
Receptionist Teresa Churcher
Journalist Gareth Tunley
Journalist Tom Andrews
Director Natalie Bailey
Producer Armando Iannucci
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Ian Martin
Writer Will Smith
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