Moone Boy

Series 1 - Episode 3



Chris O’Dowd’s comedy possesses that rare thing: warmth. His characters are as likeable as their exploits are amusing. Our young hero is mortified when he arrives at school looking like a pre-pubescent drag queen; his sister has painted his face overnight. Mam has no sympathy: she’s too busy starting her new career as a weight-loss instructor. So he consults his imaginary friend (O’Dowd) and resorts to drastic measures to ensure he never has to endure humiliation again.


Martin's sisters play a prank on him by daubing him in make-up while he sleeps - and he heads off to school looking like Boy George. Comedy about a 12-year-old with an imaginary friend, starring Chris O'Dowd and David Rawle, with guest appearances from Jessica Hynes and Johnny Vegas.

Cast & Crew

Martin Moone David Rawle
Sean Murphy Chris O'Dowd
Debra Moone Deirdre O'Kane
Liam Moone Peter McDonald
Fidelma Moone Clare Monnelly
Trisha Moone Aoife Duffin
Sinead Moone Sarah White
Padraic Ian O'Reilly
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