Fake or Fortune?

Turner: A Miscarriage of Justice?

Series 2 - Episode 2 Turner: A Miscarriage of Justice?



This week, a second chance for three pictures branded fakes 60 years ago and banished from gallery walls ever since. They’re potential national treasures: Margate seascapes thought to be from the brush of JMW Turner until in 1956 their reputation was ruined.

Now our gang of art-world sleuths want a retrial. And they get one, in a tense final scene, but not before some digging and detective work that highlight the saucier side of Turner’s life, including his affair with a Margate landlady and some sketchbooks so risqué that Ruskin had most of them burnt. The scene where a blushing Fiona Bruce takes a look at them is sweet and funny.


Fiona Bruce and expert Philip Mould explore the history of three paintings bequeathed to the National Museum of Wales when their owner died in 1951. It was always believed the pieces were by landscape artist JMW Turner, but only months after the museum took ownership, experts branded them fakes and unfit to hang on the gallery walls. Now Philip sets out to prove their authenticity once and for all.
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