Person of Interest

The Fix

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Fix



Good US dramas are like the best Premier League clubs: even on a bad day they know how to grind out a result. Person of Interest isn’t on top form this week, but it’s still worth the ticket price. Star striker John Reese is strangely subdued, even for a man whose idea of intensity is to whisper very slightly louder. He’s posing as a driver for a mysterious fixer who has half of New York wrapped around her little finger.

The baddies on her tail are even more cut-from-cardboard than last week’s thugs: yes, it’s every thriller’s favourite bogeyman, the big, greedy pharmaceutical company.


Reese keeps tabs on Zoe Morgan, a charismatic crisis-management expert who specialises in shady deals, and grows intrigued by her quick-witted personality. He soon learns she has become embroiled in a complex conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical company - but Finch also takes an interest in the investigation when he discovers a link to one of his old cases. Guest starring Paige Turco (American Gothic).

Cast & Crew

John Reese Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch Michael Emerson
Joss Carter Taraji P Henson
Lionel Fusco Kevin Chapman
Zoe Morgan Paige Turco
Mark Lawson Tim Guinee
Samuel Douglas Matt Servitto
Robert Keller Brian Murray
Anthony Talbott Adam LeFevre
Det Terney Al Sapienza
Lt Allan Gilmore Jeff Wincott
Bernie Sullivan Dan Hedaya
Slip Samuel Smith
Dana Miller Anna Koonin
Director Dennis Smith
Writer Nic Van Zeebroeck
Writer Michael Sopczynski
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