Turkish Delights


Series 1 - Episode 1 Istanbul



Sitting in a restaurant above the spice market in Istanbul, Allegra McEvedy has a Proustian moment: it’s not madeleines that have made her recall her youth, but a dish of lamb with aubergines. It’s full-bodied, like McEvedy herself, who it’s hard to resist comparing to a school prefect from Malory Towers. She’s enthusiastic and full of spirit: “Oh, my goodness, it’s like treasure,” she coos when she discovers drawers filled with Turkish delight. She can cook, too, knocking up sticky hazelnut and walnut baklava. “Rudely yummy,” she declares, and you can see what she means.


Allegra McEvedy embarks on a culinary journey in Turkey. She begins by exploring the ancient spice market in Istanbul and learning about Turkish Delight.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Allegra McEvedy