One Born: Twins and Triplets

One Born: Twins and Triplets

Series 1



Caroline and Gordon have four children and were about to give up trying for a fifth when Caroline became pregnant with triplets. Or, as a still shellshocked Gordon says wryly in this heartwarming one-off special, “lightning struck three times.”

Their youngest daughter, Isabella, is already making a scrapbook in advance of the arrival and her mum goes into hospital for an elective delivery, essential with multiple births, which have higher levels of potential complications than just single births. Two girls arrive, but there is a problem with Freddie, who’s born with an incomplete breastbone.

One Born Every Minute is always moving, but it is especially so when another couple, so happy at the prospect of having twins, are given sad news.


In a One Born Every Minute special, cameras follow four couples through their multiple pregnancies and births. Ana and Paul are thrilled at the prospect of becoming first-time parents to triplets, but receive worrying news at a routine scan, while Beth has to have emergency laser surgery in her womb after her babies are diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Carolyne and Gordon, already parents to four children, are shocked to discover they can expect three more, while Sophie and Carlos try to cope with the premature arrival of their two daughters.

Cast & Crew

Director Joanne Timoney
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler