The 9/11 Hotel

The 9/11 Hotel


You may not have heard of the Bristol-based Testimony Films, but you’ll probably know their work. Experts in oral history, in the years since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, Steve Humphries and his team have excelled in unflinching eyewitness recollections of the events, often from a specific viewpoint – the firemen, staff in a nearby hotel, survivors from one stairwell in the North Tower – carefully edited together with frequently astonishing footage from the scene.

To mark the 12th anniversary (is it that long already?), More4 are showing several of their award-winning titles tonight and tomorrow. Every human emotion is here – fear, anger, bravery, sorrow, pride – and although retelling their experience is cathartic for some, for many the horror of the experience has left clear mental as well as physical scars. There are further documentaries on Sunday and Wednesday.


After the World Trade Centre attack, few thoughts were spared for the hotel nestled between the Twin Towers, but the guests have stories just as amazing and heroic as from the buildings which dwarfed it until that day. Fourteen people miraculously survived, including a British family on holiday, an actress who became a hero, and a lawyer who ignored the commotion to continue preparing for a trial.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Steven Humphries