Anger Management

Charlie Goes Back to Therapy

Series 1 - Episode 1 Charlie Goes Back to Therapy



If you’re averse to studio audiences that whoop and screech, then you’ll need the volume control at hand for Charlie Sheen’s new comedy. We’re talking Friends levels of appreciation here, which is odd, as we’re certainly not talking Friends levels of sophistication. Sheen plays a baseball star turned therapist, who runs group sessions that are peopled by stock sitcom characters. Whether they all come to life in the weeks to come remains to be seen, but at the moment this feels a bit too workmanlike.


After nearly getting into a fight with his ex-wife's new boyfriend, professional therapist Charlie Goodson decides he needs therapy himself. With Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Goodson Charlie Sheen
Kate Wales Selma Blair
Jennifer Goodson Shawnee Smith
Sam Goodson Daniela Bobadilla
Lacey Noureen DeWulf
Patrick Michael Arden
Nolan Derek Richardson
Ed Barry Corbin
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