Wolfblood: The First Pack: Mysterious Developments

Wolfblood: The First Pack: Mysterious Developments

Series 1



Shannon’s quest to prove there’s a monster on the moors threatens to expose Maddy and Rhydian’s secret. In the old days, rumoured sightings of wolves were easy to dispel; now, thanks to digital cameras, the danger of exposure is much greater. Wolfblood fuses fantasy with the inevitable trials of school life but, amid all the wolfish seriousness, there are still a few welcome puns.


Maddy and Rhydian discover some startling truths about other wolfbloods, and face a race against time to rescue Tom and Shannon.

Cast & Crew

Maddy Aimee Kelly
Rhydian Bobby Lockwood
Tom Kedar Williams-Stirling
Shannon Louisa Connolly-Burnham
Kay Shorelle Hepkin
Kara Rachel Teate
Katrina Gabrielle Green
Jimi Jonathan Raggett
Liam Niek Versteeg
Sam Nahom Kassa
Mr Jeffries Mark Fleischmann
Daniel Marcus Garvey
Emma Angela Lonsdale
Director Will Sinclair
Producer Foz Allan
Writer James Whitehouse
Writer Hannah George
Writer Debbie Moon
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