Pete - Part Two

Series 8 - Episode 7 Pete - Part Two



Part two of two. Pete the Sparrow is turned into a dinosaur and, having eaten the time wand needed to reverse the process, rampages through the cargo decks devouring the ship's food stocks. In desperation Rimmer and Lister prepare a cow vindaloo recipe, hoping its effects allow them to recover the wand.

Cast & Crew

Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie
Dave Lister Craig Charles
Cat Danny John-Jules
Kryten Robert Llewellyn
Kochanski Chloe Annett
Holly Norman Lovett
Capt Hollister Mac McDonald
Birdman Ian Masters
Kill Crazy Jake Wood
Baxter Ricky Grover
Director Ed Bye
Writer Paul Alexander
Writer Doug Naylor
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Drama Sitcom