The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle

Series 1 - Episode 1



Really? Yet another drama featuring a shadowy man who abducts, tortures then murders the women he has tied up and imprisoned in dark places? Well, yes, but you have to hand it to The Bletchley Circle for being more ingenious than the usual serial killer fare.

The circle of the title is a quartet of female code-breakers who, bored and directionless after the Second World war, pool their cleverness and pluck to hunt a murderer.

Anything that stars Anna Maxwell Martin is special (she broke our hearts in Accused on Tuesday) and, even though The Bletchley Circle will stretch your credulity until it cries for help, you’ll be swept along by a neat story and lots of lovely arcane details about postwar London railway timetables. Maxwell Martin is Susan, the leader of the group, who insists that their knack with establishing patterns will reveal the killer.


Drama set in 1952, following four fictional women whose extraordinary work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War helped break codes used by the German military. Susan, Millie, Jean and Lucy have returned to their normal lives, but when Susan identifies a hidden pattern in a series of murders, she enlists the help of her former colleagues to crack the case. Starring Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham and Sophie Rundle.

Cast & Crew

Susan Anna Maxwell Martin
Millie Rachael Stirling
Jean Julie Graham
Lucy Sophie Rundle
Harry Ed Birch
Const Barry Matthew Cullum
Timothy Mark Dexter
Dep Comm Wainwright Michael Gould
Sam Elliot Kerley
Sgt George John Lightbody
Claire Jocelyn Macnab
Emily Dixon Claire Rafferty
Mary Thomasin Rand
Crowley Steven Robertson
Cafe owner James Bowers
Director Andy de Emmony
Executive Producer Simon Heath
Producer Jake Lushington
Writer Guy Burt
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