Mrs Biggs

Series 1 - Episode 1



Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs’s status as a geezer folk hero probably won’t be dented by this drama centred on his wife, Charmian, played by a subdued Sheridan Smith. Young Charmian, the daughter of an austere headmaster who insists his daughter address him as “sir”, is swept off her middle-class feet by the charming Ronald (Daniel Mays). “She’s a bit of class. I’m going up in the world,” twinkles Ronnie to his mates.

Poor Charmian falls so quickly under his spell that she’s soon stealing from her employer. Of course it’s her fault that he robbed that mail train, suggests Mrs Biggs. If only Charmian hadn’t insisted he find the deposit for a house. Women, eh?


Drama about the lives of Ronnie Biggs and his wife, Charmian, starring Daniel Mays and Sheridan Smith. The couple first meet on a London commuter train and embark on a passionate affair, after which they elope to the south coast with money he made her steal from work. Ronnie goes to prison, and following his release vows to go straight - but everything changes when he asks old friend Bruce Reynolds to lend him the deposit for a house. Reynolds' money is tied up planning what is to become the biggest heist in British history - the Great Train Robbery - and he manages to wear down Ronnie's reluctance about becoming involved in the crime. With Adrian Scarborough, Caroline Goodall and Jay Simpson.

Cast & Crew

Charmian Biggs Sheridan Smith
Ronald Biggs Daniel Mays
Muriel Powell Caroline Goodall
Bernard Powell Adrian Scarborough
Mike Haynes Tom Brooke
Bruce Reynolds Jay Simpson
Peter Ron Cook
Mr Kerslake Robin Hooper
Gordon Luke Newberry
Bob the foreman Harry Miller
Polish Henry George Oliver
Gillian Powell Bebe Cave
Gordon Goody Jon Foster
Buster Edwards Matthew Cullum
Mary Rachel Bell
Charlie Wilson Iain McKee
Police inspector Michael Shaeffer
Warder Charlotte Eaton
Policeman David Partridge
Landlady Joanna Brookes
Chairman of the magistrates Edmund Kente
Woman on train Gabrielle Lloyd
Director Paul Whittington
Producer Kwadjo Dajan
Producer Tony Wright
Writer Jeff Pope
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