A Mother's Son

Series 1 - Episode 2



A huge fault line has opened up in Rosie and Ben’s family as terrible, dark suspicions settle upon the household. In the concluding episode of this tight, riveting little thriller the couple (Hermione Norris and Martin Clunes, both superb) are forced to examine their marriage and their relationships with their teenage children as the fallout from the murder of a schoolgirl begins to suffocate them all.

“This is family, Rosie, our family!” yells Ben as he tries to convince his wife to think the unthinkable and to act against her every instinct as a mother. Such is the sheer excellence of the writing, acting and directing, you will feel acutely sorry for everyone involved.


Concluding the two-part drama, starring Hermione Norris, Martin Clunes, Paul McGann and Alexander Arnold. In the aftermath of the murder and the discovery of the bloodstained trainers, Rosie's distress starts to affect her family life and cracks begin to form. Meanwhile, David has learnt their son Jamie has been mixing with violent dropout Sean and fears he may have fallen under his influence.

Cast & Crew

Rosie Hermione Norris
Ben Martin Clunes
David Paul McGann
Jamie Alexander Arnold
DC Sue Upton Nicola Walker
Kay Mullary Annabelle Apsion
DCI McCleish Charles Daish
Jess Antonia Clarke
Rob Jake Davies
Olivia Ellie Bamber
Sean Christie Josef Altin
Murray Philip Wright
Lorraine Mullary Juliet York
News reporter Hannah Pettifer
Director Ed Bazalgette
Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer Chris Lang
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