A More Perfect Union

Series 2 - Episode 10 A More Perfect Union



Skitters approach the newly combined resistance force and the group's interaction surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Tom uncovers life-changing news just as the 2nd Mass comes face to face with their most dangerous threat to date. Sci-fi drama, starring Noah Wyle.

Cast & Crew

Tom Mason Noah Wyle
Anne Glass Moon Bloodgood
Hal Mason Drew Roy
Matt Mason Maxim Knight
Ben Mason Connor Jessup
Lourdes Seychelle Gabriel
John Pope Collin Cunningham
Tector Ryan Robbins
Capt Weaver Will Patton
Karen Nadler Jessy Schram
Dai Peter Shinkoda
Margaret Sarah Carter
Jim Porter Dale Dye
Prof Arthur Manchester Terry O'Quinn
Jeanne Laci J Mailey
Director Greg Beeman
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer Robert Rodat
Executive Producer Justin Falvey
Executive Producer Darryl Frank
Executive Producer Graham Yost
Executive Producer Greg Beeman
Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon
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