That's Not My Penguin

Series 1 - Episode 6 That's Not My Penguin



Britten starts to lose control of his ability to keep his realities separated, and matters come to a head when he is asked to help defuse a hostage situation at a mental hospital. He is sent inside the facility to talk to the instigator, a paranoid schizophrenic who has constructed a fantasy in which his dead sister is still alive and being held prisoner. However, as Britten tries to find a peaceful solution, a dramatic turn of events plunges his life into danger - and leaves him doubting his own sanity.

Cast & Crew

Michael Britten Jason Isaacs
Hannah Britten Laura Allen
Rex Britten Dylan Minnette
Isaiah `Bird' Freeman Steve Harris
Efrem Vega Wilmer Valderrama
Dr John Lee BD Wong
Dr Judith Evans Cherry Jones
Emma Daniela Bobadilla
Gabriel Wyath III Billy Lush
Swat Commander Hamilton Matt Riedy
Director Scott Winant
Writer Kyle Killen
Writer Noelle Valdivia
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