Come Dine with Me

Come Dine with Me Top 30

Come Dine with Me Top 30



Your toes will probably curl so much during this epic countdown of Come Dine with Me’s “best bits” (surely a relative term) that you’ll probably fall over when you try to stand up after watching the whole programme.

Fans will doubtless have their own favourites, but included here and culled from more than a thousand episodes (yes, there really have been that many episodes) we see misguided cooks serving appalled guests pigs’ trotters and sausage trifle, and the hostess who fell asleep and left her guests to do the cooking. Celebrity contributions come from actress Lesley Ash and footballer Neil Ruddock.


The 30 best moments from the series, featuring a look at disastrous dishes including pigs' trotters served as a main course and sausage trifle presented for dessert - and recalling the time one host managed to fall asleep, leaving her guests to cook the food. Celebrity mishaps include Lesley Joseph trying to prepare a lamb roast, Brian Belo's confusion in the presence of Page 3 model Sophie Reade, and former footballer Neil Ruddock baring all. Plus, a flirting frenzy between a gigolo and a school teacher, the unlikely coming together of a pensioner and a hairdresser, and the identity of the guest from hell is revealed.
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