Hit & Miss

Series 1 - Episode 3



This transgender hitwoman series really is one of a kind. If you fancy a potent stew of sexual politics and rural grimness, part bereavement drama, part crime thriller, it’s pretty much your only option.

The strands wrap together nicely thanks to stylish filming and a terrifically grim mood, and just when you think the story’s stretched too thin, something else weird or awful happens to Mia (Chloë Sevigny) or her adopted family on the Yorkshire farm. In this episode, one of her hits goes wrong and Ben (Jonas Armstrong) gets fresh.


Mia struggles to save the family from eviction, but faces an unexpected setback when her latest hit goes wrong. Riley approaches John for advice about a personal problem, and Eddie receives a lukewarm reception when he tries to become more involved in life at Small Holdings. Meanwhile, the stranger in the fields moves closer to the family. Drama, starring Chloe Sevigny.