Desperate Housewives

Finishing the Hat

Series 8 - Episode 23 Finishing the Hat



This is it — the very last episode ever. And it’s a real sob-fest with a birth, a death, a wedding, a secret and one final glimpse of Mary Alice, while in between there are references to the past, the return of a former resident and a slightly eerie “ghosts of Wisteria Lane” sequence featuring Mike, Martha Huber and Paul Young among others but not, for off-screen legal reasons, Edie Britt.

Creator Marc Cherry milks it for all he’s worth but it’s Kathryn Joosten as the terminally ill Karen McCluskey who steals the show. So no alien invasion, no life-threatening earthquake or terrorist attack — just a neatly written finale that will leave you in a sodden heap.


In the final episode of the drama, the four friends reach turning points in their lives - and some of them realise it may be time to leave Wisteria Lane. Katherine Mayfair makes an unexpected return to offer one of the ladies a tempting opportunity, Renee frantically prepares for her wedding to Ben, and a dying Mrs McCluskey decides to use the time she has left to heal a rift. Starring Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria. Last in the series.