Episode 4437



A panic-stricken Jean tries to get her money back from Michael, who guiltily agrees to give her a refund. However, he has trouble getting the cash to her without Janine noticing. Derek tries to prove he can change by starting work at the car dealership. Kim's irresponsible behaviour annoys Denise and Ray, Tamwar worries when he and Afia disagree about a business proposal, and Andrew is furious to discover Patrick and Rose tricked him.

Cast & Crew

Jean Slater Gillian Wright
Michael Moon Steve John Shepherd
Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Derek Branning Jamie Foreman
Kim Fox Tameka Empson
Denise Fox Diane Parish
Ray Dixon Chucky Venn
Tamwar Masood Himesh Patel
Afia Masood Meryl Fernandes
Andrew Cotton Ricky Grover
Patrick Trueman Rudolph Walker
Rose Cotton Polly Perkins
Director Clive Arnold
Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood
Writer Paul Matthew Thompson
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