Series 2 - Episode 3



We used to think Clive Reader was the cad of Shoe Lane Chambers, the flashy bounder. When we met him at the start of the first series he was snorting coke at the office party and bragging about the light sentence he’d achieved for a date rapist.

This could have been an out-and-out baddie, but writer Peter Moffat doesn’t make life that simple. As craftily played by Rupert Penry-Jones, the character of Clive has become something more interesting — yes, he's a hopeless womaniser, but underneath that he’s a little boy lost.

Tonight he tries his hand at prosecuting, on a case where an Oxford dining club trashed a restaurant and assaulted a waitress. Clive is permanently on the back foot (when he’s not in bed, that is) and Penry-Jones is great at portraying a courtroom operator slightly out of his depth. I love his clumsy social skills and inept approach to the scheming required for his job. One day, you sense, it will all catch up with him.


Clive prosecutes three students accused of sexually assaulting a waitress, but soon wavers in the face of an expert defence counsel - until a chance meeting with an old friend helps him reignite his passion for the courtroom. Meanwhile, Martha defends a violent young man who trashed a shop and attacked the owner - a case that proves an uphill struggle when it becomes clear the client is on a path to self-destruction.

Cast & Crew

Martha Costello QC Maxine Peake
Clive Reader Rupert Penry-Jones
Billy Lamb Neil Stuke
Caroline Warwick QC Frances Barber
George Duggan Indira Varma
Alan Cowdrey QC Alex Jennings
John Bright John Macmillan
Jake Milner Theo Barklem-Biggs
Bethany Brassington Amy Wren
Ricky Armitage Morgan Watkins
Hugo Milson QC Malcolm Sinclair
Roland Boyce QC Ray Fearon
Gareth Wells QC David Bark-Jones
Ed Marmor Rhashan Stone
Tavishi Gupta Stephanie Street
Izzy Calvin Tamla Kari
Jamie Slotover Kaye Wragg
Tom McFarland James Northcote
Andrew Redford James Musgrave
Patrick Telford Jack Farthing
Henry Zucker Robin Soans
Paddy Caffrey Simon Wilson
Peter Craven Simon Merrells
HHJ Sadler Simon Chandler
Osmet Latif Munir Khairdin
Director Alice Troughton
Executive Producer Peter Moffat
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Peter Moffat
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