The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal

The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal


Winston Churchill called the loss of Singapore to the Japanese in the Second World War “the largest capitulation in British history”. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and Malaya in December 1941 and a mere ten weeks later, Singapore fell into their hands.

Paul Elston’s documentary promises to tell the story of how the British gave the Japanese the knowhow to damage Pearl Harbor severely and capture Singapore: for nearly 20 years beforehand, British officers had been spying for Japan.

Worse still, the Japanese had infiltrated the heart of the British establishment, through a mole who was known to Churchill himself...


Documentary looking back at two military disasters, Pearl Harbour and the fall of Singapore, revealing how it was British in the pay of the Japanese who gave them access to the information they needed for both operations, thanks to spies who had been working for the country for almost 20 years before the surrender. To make matters worse, the Japanese also infiltrated the heart of the British establishment through a mole, who was a peer of the realm known to Winston Churchill himself.