Fake Britain

Series 3 - Episode 2



Dominic Littlewood continues his one-man crusade to rid the country of conmen, criminals and rip-off merchants with this new series. Here he’s investigating the trade in fake medicines and the dealers who make a fortune from peddling them. He also reports on a fake holiday village conman who cost British tourists thousands of pounds and an art forger whose Victorian fairy paintings were so good, they almost fooled the art world.

If you think that last con sounds unusual, wait the next episode — he catches up with a fake technician making illegal dentures from a laundry room!


Dominic Littlewood joins an operation to stop the trade in fake medicines, and reveals how investigators exposed an insurance scam involving a bus crash. He also reports on an art forger whose copies of Victorian fairy paintings nearly fooled experts, as well as a conman who cost British tourists thousands of pounds.