Playhouse Presents

Playhouse Presents: The Snipist

Series 1 - Episode 7 Playhouse Presents: The Snipist



So far this series of short but perfectly formed plays hasn’t shied away from the darker side of life, and this is the most unsettling yet. Douglas Henshall stars as a lone “snipist” whose job is to defend the few survivors in a world that’s been ravaged by rabies.

He spends his days pacing up and down his concrete bunker and training his rifle on a young woman who cannot leave her shabby hut for fear of infection. His only contact with the wider world is via a radio handset that barks edicts from an all-seeing commander (voiced by a brittle John Hurt) over and over again. It’s impossible to tear your eyes away.


Douglas Henshall stars in a drama by Matthew Holness, creator of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. A sniper tries to protect the few surviving humans in a world ravaged by rabies. He watches over a woman who has become isolated in a hut near his vantage point, and faces a moral dilemma when he discovers she has been bitten. Featuring the voice of John Hurt.