Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War

Series 1 - Episode 3



Guilt and recrimination continue to swirl as Nurit faces hostility and prejudice in public, while Yaki grows increasingly concerned in private. But Dr Haim Cohen has a more pressing problem as he tries to work out how much of a threat the former PoWs pose to society. As ever, the tone is reflective, but with codes getting cracked and interrogations being scrutinised, there’s the definite feeling that we’re building towards a sizeable revelation.


An intelligence officer cracks the code Nimrode and Uri have been using to communicate at night, and produces a transcript of their conversation. However, Cohen believes the discovery is innocuous - until a phone conversation leads to a startling revelation. In Hebrew.

Cast & Crew

Nimrode Yoram Toledano
Uri Ishai Golan