Playhouse Presents

Playhouse Presents: Care

Series 1 - Episode 6 Playhouse Presents: Care



This series of beautifully cast mini-plays continues with a disquieting drama about isolation and the boundaries of care. Gina McKee stars as Natalie, a district nurse who’s diligent in her care of elderly Elsie. But all is not well; her husband works abroad, and she seems to have little other contact with the outside world — her one attempt to reach out, to Elsie’s feisty young neighbour, is harshly rebuffed.

At some point, Natalie is sure to crack, but when she does, it’s not in the way you might expect. McKee excels as the increasingly hollow-eyed nurse, while overheard conversations and muffled radio sounds reflect her disjointed state of mind.


A district nurse is drawn into the affairs of two very different women. Elsie, is nearing the end of her long life while Sammy, the young girl next door, seemingly has everything to live for. Chloe Moss' drama set on Newcastle's Byker estate, starring Gina McKee.