Episode 4428



Janine has second thoughts about the wedding when she struggles to fit into her dress, leaving Michael desperate to allay her fears. Roxy and Alfie indulge in some playful hi-jinks at the Vic, but their behaviour arouses Mo's suspicions. Meanwhile, Denise forces Kim to confront her insecurities by spending time with Sasha, and Shirley shows Dot the DVD of Heather's hen night.

Cast & Crew

Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Michael Moon Steve John Shepherd
Roxy Mitchell Rita Simons
Alfie Moon Shane Richie
Mo Harris Laila Morse
Denise Fox Diane Parish
Kim Fox Tameka Empson
Sasha Dixon Rebecca Sanneh
Shirley Carter Linda Henry
Dot Branning June Brown
Director Jennie Darnell
Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood
Writer Rob Gittins
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