Jill and Stuart

Series 1 - Episode 1 Jill and Stuart



Most people underestimate how much they eat by around 20 per cent, which could explain why so many of us are overweight. Anna Richardson puts two people under round-the-clock surveillance to find out why they’re fat when they swear they hardly eat anything. You won’t be surprised to see that it’s the sneaky mouthfuls, absent-minded snacking and hidden calories that have piled on the pounds. Much of the dietary advice is just common sense – cut out snacks, alcohol weakens your resolve – but there are nifty tips for improving eating habits, as well as pointers where the calorie traps lie – “diet” products being one.


Anna Richardson puts overweight families under 24-hour surveillance to scrutinise their eating habits, highlighting the compulsive snacking and mindless munching that means they will never win the battle of the bulge. Brother and sister Stuart Raphel and Jill Hamill from the Wirral are the first in the spotlight, with cameras set up in their fridges, shopping trolleys, cars and cupboards, while two private investigators follow their every step - and every mouthful. Once the dietary evidence has been compiled and analysed, things get serious as the fat families are set a 10-week food rehab course to help them shift the pounds.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Anna Richardson
Executive Producer Kitty Walshe
Executive Producer Annette Clarke
Executive Producer Colette Foster
Series Producer Lee McMurray