Dirty Britain

Series 1 - Episode 1



Quivering globs of fat putrefying in the sewers; bed bugs scuttling over a mattress; and a hoarder’s fetid house where even the rats have died in the squalor: the disgust factor in this new series about our filthy habits is pretty high. However, as well as watching pest controllers, race-ground cleaners and landfill operatives as they go about their revolting but vital work, we join two young guys who clean the windows of the Gherkin in London - from the outside.


Part one of two. Men and women who clean up after the nation reveal the unpleasant aspects of their work, providing a unique perspective on modern British life. The programme meets Manchester sewer workers Mick and Shaun, who have first-hand knowledge of the public's poor diet, event cleaner Marcia, who gives an insight into how Brits behave in a crowd, and window cleaner Ross, whose job involves keeping a huge national icon absolutely spotless. Plus, pest controller Jim battles an infestation of bedbugs. Narrated by Zoe Wanamaker.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Zoe Wanamaker
Director Deborah Lovett
Executive Producer Paul Hamann
Producer Deborah Lovett
Series Producer Barnaby Peel