Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Night in Canada

Series 5 - Episode 12 Murdoch Night in Canada

Tue 6 Jun 8am - 9am Alibi (not Alibi +1)
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Tue 6 Jun, 9am - 10am Alibi +1
Wed 7 Jun, 12am - 1am Alibi (not Alibi +1)
Wed 7 Jun, 1am - 2am Alibi +1
Wed 7 Jun, 3am - 4am Alibi (not Alibi +1)
Wed 7 Jun, 4am - 5am Alibi +1


The detective investigates the death of the Toronto hockey team captain after his body is found in his locker room. It transpires he earlier had a punch-up with a team-mate, who is an old friend of Crabtree's. Detective drama set in the 1890s, starring Yannick Bisson and Jonny Harris.

Cast & Crew

Det William Murdoch Yannick Bisson
Insp Brackenreid Thomas Craig
Cons George Crabtree Jonny Harris
Dr Emily Grace Georgina Reilly
Cons Henry Higgins Lachlan Murdoch
Chief Cons Giles Nigel Bennett
Langston Wallace Cedric Smith
Eddie Driscoll Jake Epstein
Director Gail Harvey
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